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When we first thought of opening an English Department, we do not want to have an ordinary English Department. We want an English Department which accommodates the recent trends in today's information era and provides students with solid skills as their career foundations at the same time. From a thorough observation and delicate planning, the UED decided to focus on English in relations with entrepreneurship.

As the result, UED academic program is delicately designed to help students to have both excellent English skills and solid entrepreneurship mindset. It offers the total of 64 courses and 144 credits. This program is designed to be completed in 4 years or less*. To better accommodates current trends and develops solid skills, the UED divided the program into two groups: the Main Program and the Concentration Program. The Main Program consists of 126 credits in total while the Concentration Program consists of 18 credits in total. To further support students' understanding and learning process, UED also offers non-curricular programs in the course group of Enrichment Program.
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